Accounting Software New Features

Accounting Software New Features

We wanted to let you know about some important updates to that may be of interest to you. We are continually improving the software and adding Accounting Software New Features to make using eFolio Accounts not only easy, but we also keep it compliant for your business. Here are a few important updates that have been made:


 New EU VAT rules came into effect on 1st January 2015 changing the place of supply in respect of all supply of telecommunications, broadcasting and e-services to consumers from the place where the supplier is located to the place where the consumer is located. From this date, EU and non-EU business will have to register and account for VAT in every Member State in which they supply such services to consumers. Suppliers should be aware of the rules and rates of the Member State in receipt of services to ensure the correct VAT treatment and can consult the EU web portal, developed by the EU Commission, which provides information on the VAT rules in all member states. For more information about this see our blog post HERE.


If your subscription was initially set up by an accounting partner, then the partners name will be displayed on the top right hand corner of the system. If your Accountant set up your subscription be aware that they have full access to your information. We cannot see your information unless you invite us as a user. This does not happen if you are paying your software subscription and you invited your accountant to access your information. You are in complete control of your users and access.


It is now possible to lock data within eFolio Accounts up to a specific date. For instance, if you do not want data to be edited after a VAT report, you can lock the information up to a specific period. See more information HERE

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