Best online bookkeeping software for small business

Best online bookkeeping software for small business

Choosing the best online bookkeeping software for small business can be difficult when presented with a number of options. There are many on the marketplace but you just want a software package that meets all your needs. There are a number of important considerations when choosing bookkeeping software.Best online bookkeeping software for small business

eFolio Accounts is built with ease of use in mind. It is designed specifically to eliminate clutter on the dashboard. Just take a free trial and have a look. We will take you through what we believe are the most important considerations for any small business. So what should a good software package contain?

Online Invoicing

The ability to create invoices online and easily email them to your clients is key not only to managing a good debtors list but also to good cashflow. eFolio Accounts makes it easy to create an invoice in only a few clicks. Once your services are set up and your clients information is set up in contacts, you can even clone or create automatic recurring invoices.

Import/Export Functionality

This is very important for your Accountant. The ability to export Debtors, Journals, reports, and contacts is critical for your Accountant to take your data and manage it for your compliance and Accounts Production.

Banking Features

Once your bank data is managed and kept up to date, you will love our banking fratures. It has Import and Export functions which are key to the software. Manage detailed transactions, Reconcile, Import and Export data with ease.

Contacts CRM Database

Any small business will need to enter contact details for customers and suppliers and eFolio Accounts makes this easy. Import a spreadsheet of contacts or enter them one by one, our stripped back de-cluttered interface makes life easy for you. We have considered you will be doing this on a day to day basis.

Stock Control

This is not key for every business but entering stock balances is an available feature on

Consider Cost & Users

We believe that our users should pay one fee and get access to all features and have as many users as they want. Why get limited by cost and the number of uders you can have? eFolio Accounts is €25.00+VAT per month with unlimited access to all features and as many users as you wish.

Consider Security

Security is key and we provide online browser encryption to protect your data. We also store your data responsibly within Amazon AWS environment in Dublin Ireland. For more information see our security statement here. 

Online Payments

Making it easy for your customers to pay you is vital for any business. Customers want different payment options, and we provide the ability to pay by Stripe and PayPal.


Our support self help files are easy to search through and if you cant find what your looking for just click the help button and tell us by our ticketing system.


Our reporting facilities are made easy and are very flexible. Choose from Financial Reports, Contact reports or Tax reports. We have 12 key reports built into our software and each is fully functional.

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