13 Jun

Tips for effective bookkeeping

Effective bookkeeping is essential for maintaining accurate financial records and ensuring the smooth operation of a business. Here are some tips to help you improve your bookkeeping practices: Establish a System: Set up a clear and organized system for recording financial transactions. This includes creating a chart of accounts, defining categories for income and expenses,

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27 Nov

Best online bookkeeping software for small business

Best online bookkeeping software for small business Choosing the best online bookkeeping software for small business can be difficult when presented with a number of options. There are many on the marketplace but you just want a software package that meets all your needs. There are a number of important considerations when choosing bookkeeping software.

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14 Nov

Managing Debtors

Managing Debtors Managing Debtors in your business can be a challenge but with some rules and procedures this can be made much easier. Obviously if you are not using cloud software to do this it will be more difficult to manage the process. We have put together a list of recommendations below for you to

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14 Apr

Getting Paid On Time

Getting Paid On Time Each Month Many businesses struggle to get paid on time because the right procedures are not in place and followed through on on a weekly and monthly basis. Here is a quick guide and a few general tips on how to prevent extended debtor days, and help you get paid within

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22 Jan

accept online accounting payments with stripe

Accept online accounting payments with Stripe Customers have been asking for a facility to allow invoices to be paid online, and its now developed within eFolio Accounts. Now you can accept online payments through your invoices with Stripe, and benefit from stripes hugely competitive rates. When you connect your Stripe account to your eFolio Account

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13 Nov

eFolio Accounts Cloud Accounting Servers

eFolio Accounts Cloud Accounting Servers The decision was made during the year to move all data from servers based in Maindenhead in the United Kingdom to servers based in Dublin, Ireland under Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services serves over a million active customers in more than 190 countries. Amazon Web Services is a secure,

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20 Oct

Cloud Accounting Software Features

Cloud Accounting Software Features Under the Spotlight (Quotes Invoices & Recurring Invoices) Every so on we like to do an article on different features available in eFolio Accounts. Many times when we speak to our customers, we discover that there are features out there that they did not know about. This time its Quotes, Invoices

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13 Jul

Accounting Software New Features

Accounting Software New Features We wanted to let you know about some important updates to that may be of interest to you. We are continually improving the software and adding Accounting Software New Features to make using eFolio Accounts not only easy, but we also keep it compliant for your business. Here are a few important

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21 Mar

Bookkeeping tips for business owners

Bookkeeping tips for Business Owners Getting your books done can be very satisfying, especially if you are using cloud accounting software that updates a dashboard. Seeing your updated cashflow position helps you make decisions about your business that you cannot make in confidence if your not armed with critical updated information. Here are someBookkeeping tips

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13 Mar

Farm Financial Fitness supports the “Get Farm Financially Fit” campaign We are delighted to announce that we will be supporting the “Get Farm Financial Fitness” campaign being run by Teagasc the Agriculture and Food Development Authority. Many of us struggle with managing money and farming families have the added challenge of balancing the needs of the farm household with

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