10 Mar

Online accounting software for small business

Online accounting software for small business By Andrea Monasterolo Using online accounting software for small business is becoming more and more common, and companies are discovering just how much sense it makes. Company information is held on a remote server so a user can access it from any internet browser from any computer, tablet or smartphone has

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14 Feb

CRM & Sales Pipeline in

CRM & Sales Pipeline Management Keeping track of Customers and quotations in any business is a challenge. Having the ability to be able to send out a detailed professional quotation through your accounting software is a powerful thing. If you have not used an accounting software package or a CRM package then eFolio Accounts will

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12 Feb


VAT MOSS – TBES 2015 New EU VAT rules came into effect on 1st January 2015 changing the place of supply in respect of all supply of telecommunications, broadcasting and e-services to consumers from the place where the supplier is located to the place where the consumer is located. From this date, EU and non-EU business

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28 Jan

Tips for great bookkeeping

Tips for great bookkeeping Getting your bookkeeping right from the start and keeping it up to date arms you with a lot of information which you can use to make critical business decisions. Your bookkeeping is at the heart of your financial activity and following a few simple rules and activities will not only keep

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22 Jan

Small Business Accounting Software

Small Business Accounting Software If you have a new business, or an existing business and you are looking for new Accounting software, then you know that doing your research is important before committing. Small Business Accounting Software is a specialized market, and if your a Small to Medium sized business eFolio Accounts is for you.

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13 Jan

Online Invoicing

Online Invoicing One of the key components of our software is the ability to take advantage of online invoicing. It might seem from first glance as something that you don’t need but if used effectively can really improve your sales pipeline. A sales pipeline is a systematic approach to selling your product or service. There

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10 Jan

New Accounting Software for 2015

New Accounting Software for 2015 Happy new year! If you have made new year resolutions, one of them may be getting your accounts in order for the new year. Setting up new accounting software for 2015 should not be a load of hassle, so were here to take you through what you need to do.

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10 Dec

Business Start up Accounting Software

Business Start up Accounting Software Getting your business off the ground seems like a daunting proposition. One of the more important areas is administration, and you want to ensure that you have the tools to perform critical tasks like your bookkeeping. Bookkeeping software is one of the more important considerations you will need to make.

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03 Dec

Accounting Software For Construction Companies

Accounting Software For Construction Companies Getting the right Accounting Software For Construction Companies is vital. eFolio is perfect for Construction companies and contractors. We already have many contractors using our software and when we ask them why chey chose us, the main answers are simplicity of use, and the ability to quickly change a quotation into

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02 Dec

Accounting Software Secure Access

Accounting Software Secure Access One of the main questions we get asked when someone is researching our accounting software is who has access to the software? Access to the software and security in general are taken very seriously by us. The quick answer to the questions is that only you have access to the accounting

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