09 Sep

Cloud accounting can benefit your practice

Cloud accounting can benefit your practice. Cloud accounting can benefit your practice in many ways. There is no doubt that more and more Accounting practices are moving their applications to the cloud. Practices are doing this cautiously because with anything in business its important to make an informed decision. This article is designed to help

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08 Sep

How do you bill your customer? Invoice or Statement?

For many inexperienced small business owners, accounting is little more than a means of recording and storing data that, while necessary, does not represent its own fully-fledged part of the business itself. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case, as accounting can really direct the growth of a business, as it tends to determine the

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02 Sep

3 Tips for Reluctant Small Business Owners to do their Bookkeeping

For many small business owners, the stress and responsibility of running your own ship is enough to occupy your time, without you having to learn and apply a whole new set of skills in as little time as possible. This is why many business owners find themselves shrugging off the importance of bookkeeping which, from

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29 Aug

Cloud Accounting Software Support

Cloud Accounting Software Support As more and more people find us we find ourselves answering more support tickets about the system. Our support team knows you want to get quick answers to the questions you need, this is why we have invested in an award winning support system called Zendesk. Our support site is a

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19 Aug will now help you get paid on time

eFolio Accounts partner with will now help you get paid on time because they have partnered with to offer anyone who registers on their website a 90 day free trial with eFolio Accounts. Anyone who signs up with for a free trial and is user of gets not only the 30 days as part

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18 Aug

A career in Bookkeeping

A career in bookkeeping A career in bookkeeping can be one of the most rewarding of careers. A bookkeeper’s main role is to gather and record the financial transactions of a business, detailing how much money the company makes and spends. Other tasks may include: Receiving and processing invoices for payment Processing payroll Calculating profit and

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28 Jul

Top 4 Benefits of Online Invoicing

Though originally sought after as a solution for small businesses looking to streamline their accounting systems, online invoicing and cloud accounting has since become a widespread means of handling all aspects of bookkeeping, from payroll through to real-time transaction management. There are numerous reasons for making the switch and transferring your in-house operations online, but

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24 Jul

Getting Paid On Time

Getting Paid On Time One of the main areas of concerns for the managing Directors is cash flow. Some business owners manage cash flow beautifully, and some plod along and seem to get through. If you proactively work on getting your cash flow system working for you, it can reap rewards. Here are a number

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21 Jul

Moving to the Cloud: 5 Rules for Successful Cloud Accounting

While most people believe that online business translates to digital marketing, social media and a strong web presence, in fact, things are moving much faster with the focus of online business shifting over to unlimited access and automation. In this trend, many businesses have started transferring their accounting systems online, to streamline a very necessary

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14 Jul

Help Your Team Maximize the Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud-based solutions offer accounting teams a unique advantage that, if adequately harnessed, can really increase an organization’s efficiency, and workflow, while at the same time, saving it money. While cloud accounting will almost always improve your business processes, provided your chosen software is up to the mark, there are ways to use it such that

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