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13 Jun

Tips for effective bookkeeping

Effective bookkeeping is essential for maintaining accurate financial records and ensuring the smooth operation of a business. Here are some tips to help you improve your bookkeeping practices: Establish a System: Set up a clear and organized system for recording financial transactions. This includes creating a chart of accounts, defining categories for income and expenses,

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13 Nov

eFolio Accounts Cloud Accounting Servers

eFolio Accounts Cloud Accounting Servers The decision was made during the year to move all data from servers based in Maindenhead in the United Kingdom to servers based in Dublin, Ireland under Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services serves over a million active customers in more than 190 countries. Amazon Web Services is a secure,

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28 Jan

Tips for great bookkeeping

Tips for great bookkeeping Getting your bookkeeping right from the start and keeping it up to date arms you with a lot of information which you can use to make critical business decisions. Your bookkeeping is at the heart of your financial activity and following a few simple rules and activities will not only keep

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03 Dec

Accounting Software For Construction Companies

Accounting Software For Construction Companies Getting the right Accounting Software For Construction Companies is vital. eFolio is perfect for Construction companies and contractors. We already have many contractors using our software and when we ask them why chey chose us, the main answers are simplicity of use, and the ability to quickly change a quotation into

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26 Nov

Starting a new business

Starting a new business. So you have decided to start your new business. Its your first business, and you have made an endless list of things to do. You have put your bookkeeping as a low priority on htis list, but is this the right thing to do? Invoicing software is high on the list

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21 Nov

Accounting Software Setup

Accounting Software Setup Setting up your eFolio Accounts software is a simple 5 step process to get your account activated, but there are a few areas you will need to modify to make it synchronize with your business. Firatly when you register for the first time the package is ready to use. Organizational settings. You

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17 Feb

5 Ways Payroll Software can Save Your Business Money

Utilising new accounting methods, such as opting for payroll software, can be a great way for your business to rid themselves of the inaccuracies and stresses that come with the manual process. An electronic payroll system can increase your business’ productivity, workflow, and efficiency, while simultaneously offering you, the business owner, a peace of mind

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