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Cloud Accounting Software Features Under the Spotlight (Quotes Invoices & Recurring Invoices)

Every so on we like to do an article on different features available in eFolio Accounts. Many times when we speak to our customers, we discover that there are features out there that they did not know about. This time its Quotes, Invoices & Recurring Invoices.

Quotes: Many businesses are asked by prospects to send them a formal quotation for services. eFolio Accounts allows you to generate a quotation under the Sales Tab. Quotes are a great way to track opportunities for your business, and it is possible to amend a quotation, or simply change it into an invoice at the click of a button. Once a quote is generated, it is given a transaction ID, and you can allocate it to a customer. Entering the customer details first, and generating a quote under that customer is the best way to track the quote, and provides others in your organisation to see the notes history. If you call a prospect with a quotation, you can generate a note under that customer. Maybe the prospect wants you to call back at 3pm tomorrow to discuss it, you can enter this information into customer notes in case someone else is following up. A date and a user name is included with the note.

Recurring Invoices: If your clients are on a service contract or you issue the same invoice against a Direct Debit or Sanding order every month, then recurring invoices are going to be helpful. Recurring invoices are generated automatically by the system once you generate them. You can salso set the invoice to send automatically by email  if required. In fact, the invoice that our customers receive, comes from the same system as our customers use. We set up the invoice once they take the subscription, and it is automated from then on.

If you have purchases invoices that are recurring you can also set a recurring purchases invoice in eFolio Accounts. Just go to the purchases tab and hit “Recurring Invoice” just like the sales tab.

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