Cloud Software


eFolio Accounts software works from the cloud. Use it anywhere on any device with a browser and be truly mobile while being confident that your data is secure.

Access your information at home, at work, on your tablet on the move, or during an offsite client meeting on your iPad. Never have to worry about backing up your software or losing data again.

The information belongs to you, and you can download it at any time. We also allow uploads of information when switching from another accounting system. 


Online Invoicing


Your invoicing is quick and easy with eFolio Accounts. Save time and money with a simple invoicing system. Get paid on time by getting invoices out quickly and easily.

Create professional looking invoices in a few easy steps. Upload your logo, fill in your details, and you’re ready to send out that invoice. eFolio makes it easy to post payments too.

Set up recurring invoices so they go out automatically every month. Set up one and check the payment when it comes in. You can even clone invoices to save even more time 


 Purchases Recording


Recording purchases is simple with eFolio Accounts. Import your bank statements or record your expenses, its up to you. Always know who you owe money to.

eFolio Accounts allows you to manage your account so you know at all times who you have paid, and who you owe money to.  With our Purchases Tab  you can add a new invoice or a new credit note.

We have made every function of the system as simple as possible. Set up recurring purchases invoices too! Save time and money with eFolio, one of the easiest to use systems on the market. 




Report on and manage your cash flow, whether you have one account or many bank accounts. Link eFolio Accounts directly with your PayPal account.

Get PayPal feeds in eFolio Accounts for payments. You can also import your PayPal transactions from one file and get paid through your invoices.

Controlling your bank accounts is made easy with our reconciliation tools. View Cash Flow, reconciliation status and more. Cut time with import tools. Import your bank statements with our simple import tools. Cut time and save money. 


Journal Entry 


A Journal entry allows you to enter amounts directly into the accounts listed in the organisation’s chart of accounts. Journal entries are great when switching software.

You can delete any journal unless one of the transaction line items has been included in a Bank Reconciliation.

Being able to enter journal entry cuts time wen switching from another accounting system so you have more time to work on other areas of your business. 




Manage all your contacts, customers and suppliers in eFolio Accounts.  Add or edit contacts in one easy to navigate screen. Add contacts through a spreadsheet by importing it into the system

Make notes on contacts with ease when collecting payments and never be out of touch with your last conversation.

Create an invoice in the contacts screen easily, or mark purchases within the same screen. eFolio makes it easy to manage all contacts in one place.


Report Tools  


eFolio Accounts reporting functions are split into three main categories; Financial Reports, Tax Repots and Contact Reports.

With this powerful reporting function you can stay in control of your business financials with ease.

Perform a Profit & Loss report, Show the balance sheet or report on all contacts that owe the business money (Debtors). Its designed to be easy.


     Stock Control


eFolio Accounts gives you stock control features that allow your business to stay on top of what you are selling, and allows you to report in your line items.

Perform stock takes and enter new values into eFolio Accounts.

Stay on top of your stock management with ease.stock The facility has full reporting features to help you analyse your stock in house, and makes it easy to enter new stock on delivery.


Security Features  


We have installed Comodo SSL security certificates on our servers. This security certificate is verified by Comodo U.S. and they have verified eFolio Software Limited is a software provider.

The information you enter into our servers is encrypted at the highest levels. We have been audited by Comodo for this facility. No passwords are saved on our system to ensure that your data is protected. For more information please see our privacy policy 


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