Why eFolio Accounts?

Why choose eFolio Accounts?

eFolio Accounts was set up to provide a simple, but cost effective way for small to medium size business’ to manage finances in a secure manner.

We are an Irish business who have been working in the online sector, and financial services sector for over 15 years providing business start up services and Accountancy services to SME’s.

eFolio Accounts is owned by eFolio Software Limited a company registered in Ireland.

The idea for eFolio is to keep the system simple, and not try to be an all encompassing platform providing all the features out there which we believe make cloud accounting overly complicated.

Also we wanted to offer one price for everyone, and open the system up to not only business owners but also to Accountants who provide services to their clients.

On our team we have Accountants, Developers, Marketers, and we are all interested in your feedback. If you would like to talk to us directly don’t hesitate to contact us.


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