Benefits of Cloud Accounting for your Practice

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Benefits of Cloud Accounting for your Practice

Have all your eFolio Clients in one place. Partners of eFolio Accounts enjoy discounted rates per licence. Add companies for your clients within your dashboard and give access to your clients by automated email. Collaborate online and impress clients with a great piece of software. Control access and features yourself per client as part of the security features of eFolio Accounts. We will also add you to the Accountants Directory.

All clients under one login

Collaborative Accounting creates opportunities. Through invited access your clients provide you access to their account. This allows you to meet online with them and access information at the same time. Keep all your clients in one place.

Drive clicks through your website

Allow clients log in through your website. We want your clients to visit your site as often as possible. There is no need for your clients to come through us, we will provide all the information you need for your clients to log in through your website.

Accounting advice in Real Time

The main benefit for your practice is that you can provide advice in real time, and your clients don’t have to visit your practice. Utilizing the software can also cut time out of the office, and ultimately give your clients a better service by you having their information at your fingertips.

Control the License

You can add clients under your license and provide all the features they need to get the books done. Alternatively they can purchase the license and give you permission based access. Providing access is secure and simple in eFolio Accounts in the Cloud.

We provide Support

Both you and your client have access to our support team. We have developed an entire website for you to get the best support available. Support is just a click away when your logged in to eFolio Accounts.

Impress your clients

New clients crave information. More and more businesses are moving to the cloud. Provide clients with a dashboard that shows them the status of their critical financials, and the ability to perform sales through the same software that manages purchases & VAT reporting as well as much much more.

Cut Costs

There is no need for expensive hardware with eFolio Accounts. Cloud computing also drives down energy bills and maintenance of servers and PC’s in your offices.

Access from Anywhere

With eFolio you can log in securely using any hardware with an internet browser.  Unlike other Cloud Accounting software ours works on all hardware, from any location.


Information we hold on your business belongs to you. You always have the option of downloading this data. You will need to give permission to our support team to access your data. Access to data is strictly on a permission basis controlled by you the license holder.

Low running Cost

For as little as €25.00+VAT per month you can get an industry leading piece of software for your clients. If you pay the fees you keep control and get discounts back for volume licenses.

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