Cloud Accounting FAQ

Cloud Accounting FAQ


What is Cloud Accounting?

Cloud Accounting is where your information is held on a remote server so you can access it from any internet browser from any computer, tablet or smartphone. The information is held on a secure site which is password protected and held under EV SSL Encryption.

Who owns the information?

You do! We only hold your information for you. You own it, and can export it at any time.

Will it work on my iPad

Yes. eFolio Accounts works beautifully on your iPad, Android Device, PC, Mac, or Smartphone. As long as you have an internet browser, it works regardless of the hardware you use.

Can I send invoices from the system?

Yes you can. We have an advanced invoicing system that you can customize with your own brand. In the Sales tab you can send quotes, invoices, and even automatic recurring invoices. Once you mark them as paid they get posted to your bank account with the click of a button.

How much does it cost?

There is one single monthly charge of €25.00+VAT. No contracts, and no extras on our accounting system. If you go through a volume user, its €22.00+VAT 

I use spreadsheets, whats wrong with that?

 If you are bookkeeping with spreadsheets, you will spend more time on your bookkeeping because of the automation we have designed in eFolio Accounts. The system is designed to save you time, and to backup your data for you, in a secure online environment. Spreadsheets can also be corrupted over time.

Where can I get support?

Support is provided through a ticketing system where you can send us your query, and even upload files if required. You can email us directly, or search for an answer on our support database.

Is there a manual? I want to read more before I commit!

We have an extensive support manual. You can search for answers, and if you don’t find the answer you need, you can email us within the system, or send an email from your inbox and we will get back to you by emailing your inbox.

Will it work in my country?

eFolio Accounts can be customized by you to work in your tax jurisdiction. The VAT tables are EU/Ireland defaulted. They can be edited to work in any tax jurisdiction quickly.

What Addons are there?

We are constantly working on new addons for the system. Now you can integrate PayPal to get your invoices paid directly to your PayPal account.

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