accept online accounting payments with stripe

Accept online accounting payments with Stripe


Customers have been asking for a facility to allow invoices to be paid online, and its now developed within eFolio Accounts. Now you can accept online payments through your invoices with Stripe, and benefit from stripes hugely competitive rates. When you connect your Stripe account to your eFolio Account your clients will be presented with a button at the top of the invoice to pay with debit or credit card. This means that you can get paid even faster, which will improve your cash flow.

Stripe charges in Ireland are extremely competitive. Recently they have shifted down to 1.4% + €0.25c for European Cards. Non-European cards are also competitive at 2.9% + €0.25c.

Setting Up Online Payments in eFolio Accounts

  1. This could not be easier. Log into eFolio Accounts and link your existing Stripe Account in Settings under Other Integrations at the bottom.
  2. Then activate Stripe for all your invoice templates.
  3. Ensure that the public invoice link tag [online_invoice_link] is in the body of your invoice email.

For setup that’s all you need to do. Once an invoice is paid by your customer, it will automatically be marked as paid within eFolio Accounts. Stripe also allows you to take payments in other ways, through apps, and online through their website. visit to set up your account. For full instructions on how to connect your account visit our support pages HERE

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