12 Mar

Achieving Small Business Success with Online Bookkeeping Software

Starting a business is as scary as it is exciting, and it’s important to go in risk-aware and prepared for every eventuality. Many have tried and failed before you, so be sure to adequately assess all of your planned protocols, particularly where finances are concerned. As the owner of a young business, it can be

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10 Mar

Why Online Accounting Software is perfect for a Small Business

As the head of a small business, you’ve got a lot on your plate and maximizing efficiency without sacrificing the richness or accuracy of your data and management processes is absolutely key. As a result, you need solutions that can streamline your business and offer practical answers to your needs. One area that this is

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07 Mar

5 Quick Tips and What to avoid with Online Accounting Software

As the corporate world progresses further and further into the digital age, numerous online-only tools are being designed with modern business management in mind, and financial management is no exception to this rule. As a young business, it’s crucial that you have your financial protocols in place, and means of monitoring your cashflow. Online accounting

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01 Mar

Moving from another accounting system.

Moving from another accounting system is made easy with eFolio Accounts. Moving from another accounting system is easy with eFolio Accounts. Businesses change from accounting systems for many reasons. Changing from one accounting system to another one can be done without worry if you plan for it. Step 1: Choose your system carefully. Make sure

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23 Feb

What to Look For in Online Accounting Software

Odds are, if you’re considering switching your current accounting solutions to cloud solutions or online accounting software, then you’ve already done a little research and are aware that it can offer small businesses an affordable, highly accurate means to handle their accounts, payroll transactions, and monitor their financial operations. With so many options out there, however,

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22 Feb

The Pros and Cons of Bookkeeping Software

As we continue to move through the digital age, businesses all over the world are swapping old fashioned paperwork for online solutions to old problems. As a result, many small businesses are turning to cloud solutions to manage many aspects of their business. This is very much the case regarding bookkeeping solutions, but many business

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21 Feb

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Online Bookkeeping Services

Transform your business to online bookkeeping service eFolio Accounts All businesses, even small ones, have a number of financial data and processes that necessitate the need for a professional protocol regarding their accounts and bookkeeping. It can be important to have this kind of system in place even before your business has the opportunity for

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19 Feb

The Benefits of Online Accounting Software for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you are probably all too aware that numerous elements of a business require constant attention in order to facilitate said business’ overall smooth running. One of these key elements involves ensuring that your accounting and bookkeeping methods are up to scratch. Unfortunately, taking on these duties in-house can be incredibly

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17 Feb

5 Ways Payroll Software can Save Your Business Money

Utilising new accounting methods, such as opting for payroll software, can be a great way for your business to rid themselves of the inaccuracies and stresses that come with the manual process. An electronic payroll system can increase your business’ productivity, workflow, and efficiency, while simultaneously offering you, the business owner, a peace of mind

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15 Jan

New cloud accounting company enters market

A new cloud accounting company enters market We have launched our services to the market this week. eFolio Software Limited our company  has launched a new service into the Irish Market called eFolio Accounts available at The cloud based accounting software as a service SaaS is targeted at Small to Medium sized business and Accounting

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