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20 Oct

Cloud Accounting Software Features

Cloud Accounting Software Features Under the Spotlight (Quotes Invoices & Recurring Invoices) Every so on we like to do an article on different features available in eFolio Accounts. Many times when we speak to our customers, we discover that there are features out there that they did not know about. This time its Quotes, Invoices

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10 Jan

New Accounting Software for 2015

New Accounting Software for 2015 Happy new year! If you have made new year resolutions, one of them may be getting your accounts in order for the new year. Setting up new accounting software for 2015 should not be a load of hassle, so were here to take you through what you need to do.

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31 Oct

Standard VAT report

Standard VAT Report One of the many benefits of having online accounting software is the reporting functionality. eFolio Accounts can very simply process a standard VAT report for you. Its important to note that you  must have your Purchases and Sales transactions up to date before processing a VAT report for your business. Here is

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24 Oct

Business Start Up Accounting Software

Business Start Up Accounting Software When your starting a new business there are a million jobs to do and business start up accounting software is generally not at the top of the list. One of the first things you will have to do is get your business registered as a Sole Trader, Partnership or Limited

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23 Oct

Accounting software for Accountants

Accounting Software for Accountants Accounting software is designed to make your life easier when it comes to bookkeeping, and if it does not take away pain, create time, and generally make things more efficient, its probably not worth signing up. One of the most important areas that needs to be considered is will the software

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07 Oct

Using Excel For Bookkeeping

Using excel for bookkeeping can cause problems Using excel for bookkeeping is not considered a long term solution for your business for many reasons. Here we outline some of them, and why you should consider using an Accounting package to manage your Bookkeeping/Accounting function. Accounting software is not only considered easy to use, but it

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22 Sep

Should You Make the Switch to the Cloud Accounting?

Whether or not your company has made the leap yet, or are only thinking about it, you can be certain that soon enough, your accounting systems are like to move online. There are numerous reasons for this, among them increased efficiency, unlimited accessibility, and ease of storage and use, but what do you need to

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09 Sep

Cloud accounting can benefit your practice

Cloud accounting can benefit your practice. Cloud accounting can benefit your practice in many ways. There is no doubt that more and more Accounting practices are moving their applications to the cloud. Practices are doing this cautiously because with anything in business its important to make an informed decision. This article is designed to help

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21 Jul

Moving to the Cloud: 5 Rules for Successful Cloud Accounting

While most people believe that online business translates to digital marketing, social media and a strong web presence, in fact, things are moving much faster with the focus of online business shifting over to unlimited access and automation. In this trend, many businesses have started transferring their accounting systems online, to streamline a very necessary

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15 Jun

A guide to online accounting

There’s no getting around it: the most successful business models are those that dedicate significant portions of their time to finance, and as a result, the most successful businesses are those that actualise this aim. A solid understanding of your business’ finance will give you a real advantage when it comes to making business decisions,

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