26 Nov

Starting a new business

Starting a new business. So you have decided to start your new business. Its your first business, and you have made an endless list of things to do. You have put your bookkeeping as a low priority on htis list, but is this the right thing to do? Invoicing software is high on the list

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21 Nov

Accounting Software Setup

Accounting Software Setup Setting up your eFolio Accounts software is a simple 5 step process to get your account activated, but there are a few areas you will need to modify to make it synchronize with your business. Firatly when you register for the first time the package is ready to use. Organizational settings. You

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19 Nov

Startup Weekend Cork

Startup Weekend Cork Startup weekend Cork is nearly upon us again. This event is open to anyone who wants to pitch their business idea to a group of people and see it develop as a new business over a 54 hour period. More information on the weekend can be found here Want to know what

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14 Nov

Accounting Software Tax Returns

Accounting Software Tax Returns Now that the tax return deadline has passed for returns in Ireland, business reflect on their books and records, and the quality of information they have at their fingertips. If your an SME then you may not have a Financial Controller working full time within the business. Accounting Software & Tax

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11 Nov

Accounting Software Reports

Accounting Software Reports Reporting is a critical component of accounting software and this article takes you through the reporting features of eFolio Accounts for Accounting software reports. So what reports are available within the software? Reports are broken down into three areas: Financial Reports: Profit & Loss With this report you can check your profitability based

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09 Nov

Get the most from your bookkeeping software

Get the most from your bookkeeping software Cloud accounting software like eFolio Accounts is designed to take the pain out of bookkeeping for SME’s. It solves a number of problems for companies also for instance, backups, access, and security, but getting the best out of the software, no matter what cloud accounting software you use

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07 Nov

How to get your business registered

How to get your business registered If your looking for accounting software for your business in Ireland, and its just one of the many tasks you have on your list, you might have already looked at getting your business registered with the companies registration office. The first thing to consider is your structure. Should you

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05 Nov

Accounting Software for Tradesmen

Accounting Software for Tradesmen Finding the right accounting software for tradesmen can be difficult. If you are a carpenter, plumber, contractor or working in the building industry then your not alone if you choose eFolio Accounts. When choosing an accounts package you want to ensure that you can use it off site. And, it should

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31 Oct

Standard VAT report

Standard VAT Report One of the many benefits of having online accounting software is the reporting functionality. eFolio Accounts can very simply process a standard VAT report for you. Its important to note that you  must have your Purchases and Sales transactions up to date before processing a VAT report for your business. Here is

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29 Oct

Automated recurring invoices

Automated recurring invoices Creating automated recurring invoices is a critical feature for many of our users in eFolio Accounts. Its the job of the software to take away the pain out of invoicing by automating as much of the process as possible. If your looking for accounting software that automates this process then eFolio Accounts

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