CRM & Sales Pipeline in

CRM & Sales Pipeline Management

Keeping track of Customers and quotations in any business is a challenge. Having the ability to be able to send out a detailed professional quotation through your accounting software is a powerful thing. If you have not used an accounting software package or a CRM package then eFolio Accounts will be the balance between the two. Our new business customers love this feature because they can use the Customers tab and sales tab together to have a powerful CRM & Sales pipeline feature.Accounting software


The Customer tab in eFolio Accounts Accounting Software records all the information for your customer or supplier. In this case we are recording and managing customers. You can add and search for any customer and record all your important information on the customer including making notes on the customer. They may have some special requirements that you want to record on the account. You can display only quotes, or a combination of Quotes, Paid Invoices and Outstanding invoices.

Convert To Invoice

Having the ability to quickly convert a quotation to invoice with one click is one of the many time saving features eFolio Accounts has built in. Once you have entered your clients information in the customers tab its easy to quickly generate your quotation in the sales tab. Just go to the customer in question and click the add transaction button. Once you get the go ahead to invoice you can click the convert to invoice button and email the invoice to the client.converttoinvoice




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