Online accounting software for small business

Online accounting software for small business

By Andrea Monasterolo

Using online accounting software for small business is becoming more and more common, and companies are discovering just how much sense it makes. Company information is held on a remote server so a user can access it from any internet browser from any computer, tablet or smartphone has many advantages.  Also in this double blog post we will ask: “Why should bookkeepers and accountants use cloud accounting software?”

Well, here are 20 reasons why you should consider cloud accounting software:

Manage clients in one place

Users can add companies for their clients and gives access to them by automated email. The user has a central location to manage all clients. It’s affordable because it’s possible save money on the amount of time on account.

No Maintenance Costs

The users can work anywhere and Client don’t have to worry about maintenance costs.  The software implementation plans a possibility of free updates, security and support, and frequent data backups.

Collaborate Online

It is possible to Log into accounts with your clients at the same time, share and update information simultaneously. Cloud Accounting Software helps businesses and Accountants collaborate online with clients.

Online Invoicing

Invoicing becomes faster, easier and more secure with Cloud accounting software. Much of the information in invoices for a business can be set up once and used thereafter.

Reporting tools

Cloud Accounting Software provides instant information through its reporting tools. Cash Flow reporting, Debtors & Creditors reporting is there at your fingertips at any time.

Secure Data

If you are considering moving to the cloud with your accounting software, the provider should provide a secure area for your data. What encryption is used when you are logged in? It should be https://. Where is the data stored and is it backed up to multiple locations?

Pay as you go

Cloud accounting is generally less expensive than housing software on a server in your office. A low monthly fee makes for a cost effective solution.

Free Trial

Free trials allow you to get a feel for the software, and allows you to decide if you can live with it. Taking the free trial ensures that you are comfortable that the software does what it says on the website. You have to live with it on a day to day basis.

Stock control

If you have stock in your business you want to be able to take stock audits and reflect them in your accounting software. eFolio Accounts allows you to do this.

Easy contacts management

Good accounting software manages all your contacts, customers and suppliers. It allows you add or edit them in one easy to navigate screen. You can also import them into the system. Another facility could be make notes on contacts with ease when collecting payments and never be out of touch with your last conversation.

Environmental solution

Cloud software gives you the ability to become a paperless office. You always have the choice of printing invoices where necessary or converting to PDF>

Unlimited Software

eFolio Accounts has one monthly fee regardless of the number of udders registered to securely access the software. There are no extra charges for the number of invoices issued or the number of Purchases recorded. Its unlimited data and users.

Accounting manually through Excel

If you are currently processing your bookkeeping through excel this method is fraught with dangers. Firstly accounting software is tested and re-tested prior to release, so errors are very rare, and can be fixed easily. Further than that accounting software has more functionality and automation than excel spreadsheets.

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